Unexpected Beauty

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Type 1

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Milkweed (King – AC)   Sumac and the Moon (HM)

Dewy Snowdrop (AC)   Loving Donkeys (AC)


Type 2

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Fungus (SW)   Fungus and Logs (KS)
Water & Spring Greenery (AB)   Surprises on a Path (RdM)

A Child’s Connecting (CS)   Birds in Flight – Conestoga River (MW)


Type 3

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First Spring Bloom (MR)   Pink Moon April 8 (CV)


Type 4

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Tulips (LA)   Ferns’ Shadows (SM)
Lollipops (LA)   Squirrel (FU)

Beaver Pond from New Home (CW)   Dada’s Home at Lunch (SK)

              Rocks and Roots (CW)

Type 5

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Christmas Cactus Blooms (SG)   Leaf in Winter (SG)
Amaryllis Bloom (SG)   Ice Forms (SG)

Gratitude for Abundance (CL)   A Complex Time (SG)


Cardinal at my Window (NM)                                            Grandchildren at Duncan Lake  (SG)

Type 6

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Amaryllis (GJ)   Fortune Lake in Fog (MA)

Purple Beauty (KMcG)   Heart’s Walls Coming Down (LT)


      Red Winged Blackbird (MdR)                                                       Early Spring Robin (MdR)

Type 7

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Seedlings (LR)   Spontaneous Creating (LR)
Cloud Action (BT)   August Dawn Blue Sea Lake (DC)
Moon St John NB. (MC)   Happy Buddha, Mekong Delta (LS)
Ice Berg, Newfoundland (LS)    


Type 8

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April 7, Sky (LC)   April 7 Walk (LC)

Happy Cuddling Dog (CT)    


Type 9

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Child on Sidewalk (SC)   Sidewalk Chalk Message (TM)

Spring Crocuses (SD)