Photo Comments – Type 8


April 7 Sky (LC)
This is reaching into unlimited space. As a language lover, it disturbs me that I do not see details. After being with someone, I can not tell you what they looked like, if they’d styled their hair differently, what they were wearing; but I can describe the emotional space that was created between us, whether that person was safe, was open, was present. Thus with nature, I seek space to feel at home in, to be physically whole and present. I seek vastness. I won’t notice the descriptive details, but boundless expansiveness calls to me, holds me, lets me know I am small, perhaps even insignificant, yet welcomed as “family” in creation. Only there do I find silence and peace. Canyons call, mountains and the ocean call, the sky calls.

April 7 Walk (LC)
On one of the few routes I am able to walk I found this invitation. The rock pile tripled in a week. After spending hours searching internet links in the asinine attempt to support special needs/”behavioural” students from afar, I felt an immediate recognition and joy upon seeing the rock pile: this I could DO.


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