Sue Guttenstein

Sue GuttensteinFor the last number of years, Sue has been teaching the Enneagram with Cynthia, wherever people are open to it.  She is committed to the work, because of how it changes  people’s lives. She loves The Narrative Enneagram’s way of teaching, because each participant gets to witness the Enneagram’s power through shared experiences of courage and vulnerability. She hopes people will work with the Enneagram day-to-day in their own lives, so they can have a deeper, more honest connection with themselves, growing in compassion and becoming more skillful in relationships.  For Sue, the Enneagram invites us to grow into being who we can be at our best and to open us to the spiritual reality of our shared life on this planet.

She has used the Enneagram in her professional work for 10 years and she now has such joy in teaching alongside Cynthia.

Other Offerings

Sue offers individual Enneagram Sessions and Somatic Circles, in which she helps people explore their type and how it lives in them. These sessions often involve working in the body with the somatic experiences that arise.  There is opportunity to develop and refine our Inner Observer – the neutral observer that enables us to slow down and move away from being on automatic.   It is when we slow down and meet ourselves without judgment that we can change and be receptive to a more subtle guidance and intelligence.

Sue, co-founder of the ADIEWA Centre, also offers ADIEWA sessions.  These sessions are an opportunity for deep healing on physical, psychological and spiritual levels.  Please see the ADIEWA website for more information. (