There are so many great resources. Here we have highlighted our favourites.

Websites: This is the organization Sue and Cynthia were trained under. Read about The Narrative Enneagram. Tour the 9 types, watch 4 short videos per type. At the bottom of each type page are 3 avenues for growth: psychological, spiritual and somatic. Check it out!  Sign up for daily “Enneathoughts” which are challenging thoughts by type. If you are unsure of your type, sign up for 2 types you are considering and see if they provide accurate daily challenges. We know of some folks who came to know their type this way. Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile. On their site, they interview Christian leaders of each type.


The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram, Sandra Maitri, 2001. She writes about the original loss, the deep reason why the type formed.

The Essential Enneagram, David Daniels and Virginia Price, 2000. Short, compact book with 9 paragraphs to help you find your type, 4 pages of info per type, helpful growth practices for each type.

The Enneagram Understanding Yourself and Others in your Life, Helen Palmer,1988.

The Complete Enneagram, Beatrice Chestnut, 2000. Bea is the present day seminal teacher on the 27 types (9 types, and the 3 subtypes for each.)

Self to Lose Self To Find, A Biblical Approach to the 9 Enneagram TypesMarilyn Vancil, 2016 (devotional materials for each type. She goes through each type: authentic self, adapted self, transformative growth to freedom.)


Sleeping at Last artist Ryan O’Neal is creating songs for each type. Podcasts tell of the careful creation of each song, including teaching by Christopher Heuertz.



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