INside Journey with the Enneagram

Why the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a spiritually dynamic map that helps us understand our deepest motivations and our automatic, often unconscious responses to life.

Sue and CynthiaWhy INside?

When we are reactive in situations, we often blame others or circumstances for what is happening.  The Enneagram invites us to observe our own inner experiences, to go INside, and work there through the insights and guidance of our Type.  This takes courage, practice and commitment.

As we persevere, we can flourish and live through our gifts. Sharing this perspective, we are committed to having participants experience the Enneagram not just as a heady exercise. We offer embodied, experiential learning opportunities, believing that this is the best way to learn and that somatic work is the surest way to support deep change.

With this in mind, our workshops invite folks to listen with their whole being: minds, hearts and bodies. People leave our workshops having had an experience that asks them to face themselves with gentleness and to open to the emerging compassion for others as they learn about the journey of each type. Our training in The Narrative Enneagram encourages this, and our backgrounds in spiritual healing have developed the gifts needed to support this process.

We wholeheartedly embrace what our teacher Renee Rosario says: “Scrap the theory and do the work.”

Why Now?

Why Cynthia and Sue?

We are a unique combination as we are very different Enneagram types. Having a Type 2 and a Type 5 work so closely together highlights the helpfulness of acknowledging our type and encourages everyone to accept the invitations that the Enneagram brings.

We bring our own vulnerability and lived experience to our workshops. And, we bring our varying spiritual backgrounds, inviting all participants into a deeper place of receptivity.  We create a safe place to dive deep into the Enneagram.

Astute in our knowledge, compassionate in our sacred holding of the space and attuned to those in the room, we hope to provide an informative, experiential learning experience.  Although we each have unique gifts, it is our combination that makes this a powerful experience for those who come.

Why work with leaders who have been certified in The Narrative Enneagram?

The certification process is extensive. We have both led numerous panels of participants of one type sitting together with each speaking from their lived experience of their type. We have done countless typing interviews, sitting with an individual and listening closely to the person, helping them understand what their language, posture and quality of energy suggest about their possible type.

We have a deep, intuitive knowing of the types: their particular challenges and reactivity and their gifts. We help participants “face” themselves, with gentleness and kindness, all with the hope that we can support people accessing and living their gifts on a day to day basis.

We teach and work with our deep understanding of the process of change that working with the Enneagram empowers.

We have learned from the best teachers, some of whom are: Helen Palmer, David Daniels, Terry Saracino, Renee Rosario, Bea Chestnut.

Recommendation from Core Faculty In The Narrative Enneagram

“I first met Sue and Cynthia at an Enneagram Intensive I co-facilitated in Toronto.  Immediately, I noticed their commitment to the inner journey and capacity to be authentic and vulnerable. These qualities combined with their expertise in the Enneagram make them both exemplary teachers in The Narrative Enneagram (TNE).  Since then and through their certification process with TNE, I have had the pleasure of witnessing their personal and professional development, and as I write this think of them as a “dynamic duo.”  I have been inspired by their capacity to reach out and develop a strong Enneagram community.  I recommend these two teachers wholeheartedly and if you have a chance to work with them, take advantage of this opportunity.”    

~~ Renée Rosario, MA, LPC and Core Faculty of The Narrative Enneagram