Cynthia Stevens

Cynthia’s introduction to the Enneagram came in a dramatic, life changing way. In the midst of burnout, Cynthia came to face head on her type’s strategy and with gutsy determination and concentrated effort, experienced and received the invitation to grow and change. It was a turning point in her life. Since then she has been teaching the Enneagram. She thoroughly enjoys teaching with Sue, as their gifts complement each other so well. She is passionate about this work because it brings lasting and effective change in people’s lives. Cynthia loves to see people come into their full potential, and there is no finer tool to help in this regard.

Cynthia uses the Enneagram in her Spiritual Direction practice and with all the Spiritual Directors she supervises. Cynthia also has an Enneagram Counselling Practice. She meets one on one for all of these sessions, in person or by Skype.

Cynthia loves artistic expression and has created nine pots to represent the types, as well as a painting “Nine Trees, One Forest.” (See Enneagram Art)