Photo Comments – Type 7


Cloud Action (BT)
Continually changing clouds reveal the constancy of the sun.

August Dawn Blue Sea Lake (DC)
A new dawn, a new day.
Every day on Earth is a miracle. The day unfolds in hours and the hours in minutes. In every second lies Eternity. Close your eyes and feel it. Now, in this moment.

Spontaneous Creating (LR)
This photo of my grandson filled me with calm, delight and hope. He has always been artistic and being in self-isolation with his family has created a less frenetic pace to his and their life, so lots of time to draw and paint (and – I’m sure – watch endless reruns of Paw Patrol!) The photo gives me hope as it reflects what many people are doing during this time, that is, getting back to the most important things that feed their soul, be it art, or reading, or music, or just connecting again with family and friends, far and near (but not too near please!)


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