Photo Comments – Type 5


The Dying Blossoms and Leaf (SG)
As I am aging, I find myself appreciating the beauty in things as they fade into death. No longer vibrant, they have a delicate intricacy and vulnerability that I find touching and natural. The exception is the circle of Christmas cactus flowers, which I have edited, and find startling and stunning.

Ice Forms Silver Creek (SG)
This winter, I have walked more around where I live than ever before. The constantly changing form of water, always in motion, even if slowly, as ice forms and melts, catches my breath.

A Complex Time (SG)
Complex Times: I just added this photo. We are in uncertain and unpredictable times and I took this picture because it feels the image captures the complexity of our interior lives – the motion in the bark, unexpected protuberances, texture and form, unique in the moment.


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