Valuable Perspectives


Below are some other resources that you might find helpful for centering, reflecting, stilling and distilling during this disorienting time.


The Great Realization

Swans for Relief

A Letter from the Virus

If we look at the coronavirus pandemic through the lens of a spiritual call, then what might we see. 

Part of what working with the Enneagram invites us to do is to dis-identify with our contracted Type structure.  As we observe ourselves on automatic and pause, as the Narrative Enneagram invites us to, we can begin to see that we are more than the narrow range of choices our type offers us.  We can begin to open into that “more than” way of being.

This video, “A Letter from the Virus,” is asking us to step back and see how identified most of us in more privileged circumstances are with a life style that is harmful to our very survival.  It shows us how important it is to dis-identify with our life style, not just our contracted Types. 

This is such hard work, both at the personal level, but also at the societal level.  But, perhaps it is time to do both.

For some comic relief to bring a smile to your face
VIDEO: The only remedy that should be shared by humanity


Resilient – by Rising Appalachia

I’m Gentle with Myself – Karen Drucker  Download words and chords


How I Became a Warrior – by Jeff Foster
Video – Jeff reading his poem
Download words as Word document


Dull, grey day
Listening to gentle rain fall out the window,
The whir of the dishwasher downstairs
Finding a quiet space inside
To feel grateful  (SD)