“I have attended a number of workshops and seminars that Cynthia and Sue have taught. Each experience has been invaluable. They don’t just teach concepts but care for each person in attendance. As people engage and face some of the harder truths about themselves, they take the time to offer gentle grace, creating on-the-spot opportunities to learn how to be gentle and kind towards ourselves and others. They have wonderfully unique personalities from each other, which enhances their teaching and offers a prime example of how the Enneagram can impact relationships. The narrative way that they hold out the Enneagram brings life-changing revelation; the Enneagram as a tool comes alive, not just for the duration of the workshop but for the life each person returns to.”

~~ Debbie Laginskie


“Thank you both for co-facilitating an excellent introduction to the Enneagram – the best I have ever participated in my 20+ years!  Both of you are life-long learners characterized by a soulful presence that inspired an effective use of space, succinct & profound teaching, vulnerable group participation through narratives, sharing and questions and excellent use of videos and pottery!”

~~ D. Westwood, Psychologist, Spiritual Director


“The Enneagram is a masterfully crafted instrument that has helped me immensely – both personally and professionally.  It is a tool that is simultaneously powerful and gentle – especially in the capable and loving hands of Cynthia and Sue.  My relationship with God has deepened; my self-knowledge has expanded; my confidence as a parent has grown and the intimacy in my marriage has been strengthened.  In summary, the Enneagram as introduced by Cynthia and Sue in the narrative tradition, has enlarged my capacity for compassion – both for myself and my neighbour.  It is a journey well worth taking.”

~~Tracey-Ann Van Brenk, CSD, MDiv


 “Cynthia Stevens and Sue Guttenstein’s work in The Narrative Enneagram has provided both structure and vocabulary that has facilitated a deeper self-awareness of who I am and which in turn, has begun to influence the way I listen to others. Through their workshops, they have both modeled and articulated the benefits of the Enneagram which has now become a helpful tool in acknowledging my own default reactions. The invitation to pause and recognize the choices I have in how I react to any given situation, fosters a non-judgemental but exploratory atmosphere in which to face my own resistances.  Consequently, this is having a noticeable impact in the way I process areas in my life I would rather not face and as a result, I find myself extending this same grace to others be it in my family or ministry of spiritual direction. Awareness of other Enneagram types has increased my appreciation for how others process and react to their fears and in turn has invited me to look at my relationships with greater empathy and compassion.  The greatest gift of the Enneagram for me is how this is a springboard for ongoing dialogue and prayer with God.”

~~ Maria Kon, CSDS, CSD, MTS