Certificates of Participation

We believe that it is important to spend time with the Enneagram, to appreciate it as the transformational system that it is.  Otherwise, we can miss out on its capacity to change us and call us into becoming all we are meant to be. We want to help you to go deeper with it, to let it influence, even shape, your life.  This takes courage, time and commitment.  To encourage you, we will be offering Certificates of Participation in Experiential Enneagram Workshops.

This is not an accreditation program; rather it is a way to acknowledge that you have committed to a certain level of work with the Enneagram. It is acknowledging more than a beginner’s familiarity by saying that you have participated in an experiential process that gives you a sense of its worth and hopefully you have been changed by it.

Level 1

For people who attend (or have attended) 5 of the more introductory workshops (1 can be a repetition).

These workshops include:

  • INsights/Intro Day
  • Enneagram and Relationships
  • Defense Mechanisms*
  • Developing Your Inner Observer *
  • Somatic Work with the Enneagram*

Level 2

For people who attend 4 of our more advanced workshops (or 3 advanced and a repeat of one of the earlier ones with an *.)

The more advanced workshops include:

  • Subtypes and Instincts
  • Growth Along the Lines
  • Holy Ideas
  • Professional Growth through the Enneagram


Attending a Special Workshop offered by our Narrative Enneagram teachers, including the one last March also counts towards either certificate level.