Video Series Rentals

We have produced several hours of teaching videos to accompany our Enneagram workshops. We have heard feedback from folks who have watched them that they are well done and informative. 

These currently include:

  • 3.5 hours of video as an Introduction to the Enneagram. (These include our teachings on the Enneagram, 18 Narrative style 5-minute interviews with folks from the types, explanation of the 9 pottery vessels formed for the 9 types and more.)
  • 3 hours of video on The Enneagram and Relationships. (These include panels interviews with the 9 types and teachings about how our type affects our relationships.)

People’s lives are changing as a result of doing this kind of work. We would really like to make these series of videos more widely available at a nominal cost to people like you who may want to watch individually or gather as a group of friends and/or family, either in person or virtually, to share and talk about what you’ve experienced.  In addition, we would also offer (as an additional option) our expertise as certified trained facilitators in The Narrative Enneagram for a follow up 2-hour conversation with your group for an additional cost.

So … this is how it will work if you are interested in viewing any of these series on your own and/or viewing and discussing with family and/or friends:

  1. Complete the rental registration form and follow-up conversation form on this website.

  2. E-transfer the payment for the video rental as per the cost structure as indicated below.

  3. Within 24 hours of receipt of payment, you will receive an email with the link and password to a password-protected page where you will watch the video. (This link will be valid for 30 days for a group rental; for 7 days for an individual rental.) We respectfully ask that you do NOT share the link publicly on social media or webpages or with others who do not intend to join you in discussion.

  4. If doing as a group, organize a time when you can gather (either in person or online) to discuss and share your experiences with the videos.

  5. Optional, but we strongly encourage this. You can book an online in-depth follow up group conversation with Sue or Cynthia to answer questions and help you learn more from each other in the narrative style, in which we have both been trained and certified through We both feel so strongly that learning from the lived story of each other is the best way to see how this all manifests in our lives and it so raises compassion to hear from each other.


Video Rentals

For a group (per video series)

$100 – videos will be available for 30 days

You can gather a group of friends/family to watch the video online individually or as a group. (If you wish, to cover your rental cost, for 20 people you can charge them $5 each, $10 each for 10 people, $20 each for 5.) You all have access for 30 days, so you can organize a follow up conversation time accordingly that works for your group.

For one individual:

$20 – videos will be available for 7 days

Group Follow Up Conversation facilitated by either Sue or Cynthia

$200 for 2-hour conversation