Cynthia Stevens

Dear Enneagram Family,
This letter feels long overdue.
Firstly, and foremostly I want you all to know how deeply grateful I am for the past years of teaching and working with the Enneagram with you all. It has been the most rewarding, fulfilling, inspiring work. I have witnessed such courage and vulnerability! It is now with a sad heart that I share that I will no longer be teaching or offering individual sessions. I want to share a little of the health journey I’ve been on. Last August I got vertigo. Since then, I have been suffering with impaired hearing, Covid, very serious sinus and ear infections. The pressure in my head continues to be paramount. I’ve been to an Ear Nose Throat specialist, many doctors, a naturopath, osteopaths, massage therapists, an acupuncturist. I’ve had MRIs, ultrasound. I continue to seek help. It has been a very challenging year. I’m very limited in my social contact, mostly just family. I do not go to public places, the noises hurt my head too much. I spend a lot of time outside, which is sanity for me. I have a deep faith, so I know God is near and that I am surrounded by love. (It feels like a brain injury in many ways.) I thought I would be better by now; I had no idea I would still be struggling with this all.
I’m sorry I have not let you know sooner – it’s been a lot to live through each day. I send such love to you all, on your individual and community journeys. I hope the Enneagram continues to be the insightful, precise, revealing map for you that it is. It continues to help me in my life. I’m a type 2 with very little interaction with people now-that’s a challenge! I continue to face myself, work with the areas I get stuck and be gentle with myself.
Blessings, peace, joy, courage and buckets full of love,

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Cynthia’s love for artistic expression led her to create nine pots to represent the types, as well as a painting “Nine Trees, One Forest.” (See Enneagram Art)