Sue and Cynthia

Sue Guttenstein, PhD.,  Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Enneagram.  For 25 years, Sue has been helping survivors of severe childhood trauma heal and regain their lives, through somatic work in a safe and nurturing therapeutic relationship.  She has found the Enneagram to be an increasingly valuable part of the work. Sue is co-founder of ADIEWA, a body-centered approach to spiritual healing and has published a paper on how the ADIEWA approach can help develop Presence in the context of Theory U.  She has co-taught the Enneagram with Cynthia for several years and finds the integration of the spiritual, psychological and somatic aspects of development to be an exciting and very valuable part of the approach.

Cynthia Stevens:  M.Div., B.Ed., Certified Enneagram Professional and Teacher in the Narrative Enneagram, Certified Spiritual Direction Supervisor, Certified Spiritual Director. Cynthia has taught spiritual formation in various settings in Canada and overseas, including inner healing prayer, spiritual disciplines, prayer practices. She has had a Spiritual Direction and Supervision of Spiritual Directors practice for 6 years, was a supervisor at Tyndale Seminary for 5 years in the Spiritual Direction Practicum Program and presently has an Enneagram Counseling practice. Meeting with individuals Cynthia helps individuals discern and work with blocks in their spiritual receptivity, and how their Enneagram type’s biases and reactivity affect relationships, work, decisions. Cynthia is also a potter who for 15 years has used her pottery wheel to touch people with spiritually healing messages in churches, schools, seniors’ homes in Ontario and India. She and Sue have been teaching the Enneagram together since 2015.