What is the Enneagram?

Enneagram diagram
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The Enneagram is a spiritually dynamic system that enables us to understand ourselves.   It describes 9 different “types” or patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.  Knowing and working with our type structure can help us see our automatic ways of reacting to the daily challenges of life.

The Enneagram helps us see our core motivation, our deepest struggles and our truest gifts. While sometimes what we learn is challenging, it creates a profound compassion for ourselves and for others. The Enneagram is a gateway for freedom and growth in our personal lives, and can have a deep impact on our relationships, in our spiritual journey, in our personal and professional lives.

Our workshops are both educational and experiential with an emphasis on the latter.  We strive to create a compassionate setting for exploring both our strengths and weaknesses, our gifts and blind spots.  Trained in the Narrative Enneagram, we believe learning from each other is both a gift and a profound experience.