Photo Comments – Type 4


Ferns’ Shadows (SM)
I took this photo while on a videoconference call.  I looked up from my computer screen to see the attached image appearing on my wall. It was the shadow of a Boston fern I have sitting in my window. I rarely pay much attention to it, but I became suddenly aware of its beauty and intricacy of shape in the illumination of its shadow. My eye and heart were then drawn to the fern itself, to marvel for a few moments the overall deep richness of its variegated green and the intricate forms of unfurled leaves – rejuvenating life being readied to be released slowly. What shadows are projecting onto your heart’s wall? Turn to its source to drink in its full beauty! 

Beaver Pond from New Home (CW)
This is the view outside the kitchen window of our new home. I love the calm of it and find beauty in the muted colours of the early spring forest.

Rocks and Roots (CW)

This tree blew blew down, exposing its entire root system and the rocks that the tree roots had grown around during its life. I find it very beautiful. It speaks to me of tenacity and endurance.


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