Photo Comments – Type 1


Milkweed (King – AC)
I chose this photo because it is contemporary – taken just days ago, so it literally reflects the times. More than that, though, it shows something dead which is also beautiful. So many layers of beauty – the stalk, the husk, the shreds of milkweed hair, and one seed. The seed is a symbol of transformation – from the fallow time in society around us now, to something that will grow green and beautiful in another season.

Sumac and the Moon (HM)
I love the beauty of the clear, distinct outlines of the moon in the background and the sumac in the foreground. At the beginning of my journey, my world was one of black and white, right and wrong or perfect and imperfect. Now I live more and more in the grey space (or grace space as friend once said) but still find myself drawn to the simplicity of clear distinctions.

Dewy Snowdrop (AC)
I was surprised to see my dewy snowdrop from Reaching Out … ! I chose this picture because it is full of life and beauty. Also contemporary – taken within the last week. The early spring flower is a sign of hope. The water on the flower is sustenance – for the flower and for us. The picture reminds us to be grateful for the blessings we have in this strange time of deprivation.


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