Online offerings during COVID-19

A note from Sue (Cynthia is currently away for a bit):

Virtual community feels so important these days, as we all live with the uncertainties and stresses of the pandemic – with more social distance than we are used to. Hopefully, we can be present in the moment as it is, doing what is called for, but that is so hard to do in these times.  

Knowing the Enneagram, we have an opportunity to support each other.  It invites us into self- reflection, to notice how our type contracts when faced with this kind of stress.  As a community, we can share and listen and care about each other. And help each other ground more steadily.

It’s not easy – and being more on our own than usual can make it even more difficult.  

I am hoping we can build community together during this time of isolation by offering some online opportunities to connect, observe, support and even flourish. 

The first offering is this Wednesday, March 25 from 1-3pm via Zoom.  The format will be a general check-in first, followed by sharing how we notice our type in action in response to the stresses – what is particularly stressful for us, how we are faring with social distancing, with fewer things to do, possibly with a sense of isolation (which itself is a stressor).  NOTE: If it is affordable (and only if) I would appreciate your contribution of $20 for this gathering.  We know that funds are tight for many, so please take care of yourself in this. If able, please send e-transfer to Sue at

Secondly Sue will be offering smaller groups of 6-8, where we can address specific topics, do some deeper somatic work and look together at the spiritual challenges we have and the strengths we can bring to bear. 

Please email Sue Guttenstein (

  • to register for the Zoom date and receive  a meeting invite,
  • if you are interested, but the time doesn’t work for you,
  • if you would like to be part of a smaller group,
  • if you have suggestions for other ways we can support each other and/or other topics that interest you, other formats, anything else.

Sending love and compassion to everyone, for all we are living through.